Lebanon News

Good afternoon Lebanon CUSD#9 stakeholders, 

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has become the issue discussed in every location across the country at this time.  Lebanon CUSD#9 administration, nurse and County Health Department have been working on preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of exposure and transmission within our schools.  Recommendations to use good hygiene such as washing hands, not touching your face, and not reporting to school or work if you experience flu-like (cough, fever, respiratory issues or any other signs of illness) symptoms continue to be the focus for each of us.  However, it has become evident that additional measures may become necessary to combat the spread.

Currently, school is one of the safest atmosphere for our students.  This is a very fluid situation and may change even by the time this correspondence goes out.  We will prepare for the worst case scenario, but hope for the best.  

We are continuously in contact with the County Health department, which is in contact with local, state and federal officials.  As circumstances change, so do our plans.  If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 locally, school closure will likely be one of the first considerations.  We plan to have more information about opportunities and/or expectations of continued learning should a prolonged district closure occur.  Our commitment at this time is to the safety and wellbeing of all Lebanon CUSD#9 students and staff.

Regarding field trips, extracurricular and curricular activities, we will make decisions based on the risk of exposure for our students and staff.  If it becomes evident that participation increases the risk of exposure, we will suspend or cancel as needed.  We certainly respect parents’ decisions should they desire to opt out of any activities at this time. 

As this situation continues to be fluid, we will be exploring options to meet students’ individual needs to ensure a continuity of education. 

Best regards,

Mr. Keeney