Due to concerns with the coronavirus we must unfortunatley put our season on hold. We will follow guidelines set out by the governor. When he gives the green light we will start practices almost immediately. I'm sure a lot of you have many questions, I'm just not sure I have many answers at this time. Coaches are ready and eager to start. However, the worst is probably yet to come. One thing you can do to help your child during this time is to grab your glove and go play catch with them. You will see a difference quickly. Please respond to your coach individually, not in the group text so they know you have recieved this message. If you have questions please direct them to the director, Jake Baer at 530-2728. Updates will be sent when they are available, and also on the Lebanon Youth Sports Facebook page. Stay safe.

Additionally if anyone needs a ball to play catch with let me know, I'll get you one.
Just bring it back to your first practice.

T-ball uses t-balls
1-2 grade boys can play with either a t-ball or regular baseball
3-6 boys can play catch with regular baseballs
1-2 girls use 10 inch softballs
3-4 girls use 11 inch softballs.