Lebanon High School Spring sports update as of today.

Obviously all schools are dealing with something that is out of our control and no real blueprint for how to handle the situation. The most important thing that we must do is is keep our athletes, coaches and fans safe. We feel bad for all of our athletes and their families during this time, especially our seniors who aren’t sure if they will have a spring season, a Prom, an awards night or even a graduation ceremony. We will do everything in our power to have these things, but we must think responsibly about others.

The IHSA put out an announcement yesterday stating that they have not made any decision on spring sports being canceled due to the virus at this time. All high school practices and games are suspended and cannot start back up till March 31st, but this date could get extended. No sports can take place while schools are closed so if this date was extended, which is possible, then we would continue to not have practices or games.

Our plan right now would be that if school starts back up on March 31st, we would allow our spring sports to start back practicing. We have canceled all games and meets through April 5th, that way teams have a chance to practice a few days before jumping back into games and meets. No games or meets will be made up that are canceled during this time, with the exception of the possibility of conference games being made up if athletic directors feel it is possible.
There is no doubt that spring schedules could be changed drastically if spring sports are allowed to start back up so please be understanding as to why those things may need to be changed to accommodate all schools.

Athletes are reminded that during this time, they are not allowed to practice with select teams in the spring sports of baseball, softball and track and field because it is not allowed by the IHSA. Athletes can however go to individual pitching and hitting lessons without risking eligibility issues.

Athletes should be doing their best to stay in shape and workout daily. Feel free to contact your coach or email our athletic trainer Karla (khalde@lcusd9.org) for any individual workouts, but we are not wanting our athletes to gather in groups and train together as that goes against the whole purpose of limiting exposure. Also, make sure you are keeping up on your e-learning and packets that were sent home by teachers.

Use your time wisely, read a book, play outside, workout on your own, keep up on school work, wash your hands and stay safe.

Feel free to contact Coach Cruthis through email if you have any questions ccruthis@lcusd9.org


Attention Athletes!
Information from our trainer Karla.

Any athletes dealing with injuries at this time are welcome to send an email to our athletic trainer Karla Halde (khalde@lcusd9.org). You can request at home exercise programs to stay on top of treatment for both new and existing injuries.
She recommends you take time to do daily exercises and physical activity to stay in shape for spring sports and make sure you stretch, stretch, stretch daily!
Stay safe and wash your hands and avoid groups of 10 or more.
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