Not all teachers have requests on this supply list - they will inform you of needs the first week of school

General listing - Notebooks and folders for each class, backpack or book bag

Mr Cruthis/Mrs. Elmore (PE and Conditioning)

HS PE Uniform - can be purchased the first week of school in PE Class - $15.00 for the uniform

$9.00 for shorts/ $6.00 for tshirt

Ms Kalert's classes (Algebra I, Algebra A/B, Geometry)


Expo Markers - students are responsible for carrying their markers with them for board day and will not be

allowed to borrow markers from the teacher

Calculator (TI-30XIIS) is recommended, please no Casio calculators.

1 Box of Tissues


Loose leaf paper or spiral notebooks

Mrs. Evan's classes (Algebra I, Algebra II, Trig, Pre-Cal, Calculus)

1 Box of Tissue

Dry erase markers - students will need these for board days - they may not borrow

a marker on those days - they must have their own

Graph Paper - 1/4 is preferable

Paper - notebooks or loose leaf, whatever the student prefers

Pencils or pens - Pencils are preferred - no red, pink, or gel pens allowed

Folder to keep papers organized

Protractor (f you are enrolled in Trig)

Mr. Canavan's classes (English III, English IV, English 6th & 7th)

1 Box of Tissues

Lined paper

Pencils #2 or Pens - no red, pink or gel pens

Plain water allowed and encouraged everyday

Mrs. Tessler (Spanish I, II, III and IV)

3 ring binder - 2 inches wide

1 pkg of 5x8 index cards - ruled on one side is easier

Spanish III/IV - Students must have a paperback Spanish/English dictionary - suggested any of the

Merrian/Webster's about $6.50. The New World Dictionary - this is one of the best and contains a

great deal of additional/helpful reference - about $8.00 - any dictionary should at at least 80,000 words-

NOT suggested - any University of Chicago Dictionary

Mrs. DiMaria (Chemistry 1/2, Forensic Science, Physics)

Forensics - Dry Erase Mrker, Notebook of choice, Calculator

Chem I/II - Notebook of choice, calculator, dry erase marker

Physics - Notebook of choice, calculator, dry erase marker

Mrs. Feist - (Biology, A&P Adv. Biology, 7th Grade Science)

Biology - 1 pkg of 4x5 index cards, 1 box Kleenex, dry erase marker

A&P Adv Bio - 1 box Kleenex, dry erase marker, colored pencils

7th Grade Science - Lysol/Clorox Wipes, dry erase marker, 1 pkg of 4X5 index cards

Mrs. Kashycke (Painting, Art I, Dig Photography, Art History, Drawing I, Drawing II, JrH Art)

Painting - pencils, separate eraser, roll of aluminum foil, roll of paper towels, 5 empty/cleaned fruit cups

Art I - 1" 3 ring binder, used for Art I only - pencils, colored pencils (Crayola 36 pack preferred),

hand held pencil sharpener, 1 box of baby or Clorox wipes, 1 roll of paper towels, 5 empty/cleaned fruit cups

Digital Photography - 1 GB or larger flash drive, digital camera, extra batteries/charger, cord for uploading,

pen/pencil, 1" 3 ring binder-used for Digital Photography only

Art History - 1 GB or larger flash drive - 1" 3 ring binder use for Art History only, pencil/pen, 1 box of Kleenex

Drawing I - 1" binder for drawing class only, pencils, colored pencils(perferred 36 pack) hand held sharpener,

black Sharpies (fine and ultra-fine), 1 box of baby or Clorox wipes

Drawing II - pencils, separate stick eraser, colored pencils(Crayola 36 pack preferred) Ultra-fine black

Sharpie, hand held pencil sharpener, 1 box of baby or Clorox wipes