back to School 2020-21

 MSG FROM SUPERINTENDENT KEENEY - Hello. Welcome back to school. This is not the start we had expected but hope to return to in-person instruction ASAP. Remote learning details are located below. We will have textbook and Chromebook pick up beginning next Thursday, August 20th for students whose last name begins with A-L from 9:00-6:00pm at gym in the building your student attends. We will have pick up for students with the last name beginning M-Z on Friday, August 21st from 9:00-6:00pm also at same gym locations. Please use social distancing and wear a face mask. Full remote learning will begin on Monday, August 24th. If you have any additional questions please contact your child’s Principal. We appreciate your support as we begin another great school year at Lebanon CUSD#9.

Lebanon CUSD #9 Full Week Instructional Plan

March 29, 2021

  1. All LCUSD #9 buildings will offer five-day per week in-person instruction to all students.
  2. Students will still be given the option of remaining a remote learner.
  3. Due to new guidelines, temperature checks will no longer be conducted daily, we ask that all parents ensure that their students have no fevers and are symptom-free before sending them to school.
  4. Buildings will maintain their current daily time schedules:

Lebanon HS/JrH: 8:00-12:58

Lebanon Elementary: 8:30-1:45

Parents/Guardians need to be aware of the fact that as more students are brought into the buildings daily, the ability to effectively social distance students at 6 feet apart or further will become increasingly more difficult, and at some point, will stop being a possibility in classrooms, common areas, and on school buses.

Please understand that this plan is fluid and is subject to change at any time.

1/29/2021 UPDATE -Returning to School/Remote 2-1-2021

01/22/2021 UPDATE -  Good morning!! Final Reminder from LCUSD 9: Beginning February 1st we will be combining "A" and "B" days, thus allowing 4 days of attendance for ALL students. We will continue the same daily time schedules and days of in person instruction on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; with full remote on Wednesdays for all students. All currently in-person students will be enrolled automatically into 4 day attendance, and current remote learners will be automatically enrolled as remote students. If you want to change your student(s) status, you must contact the office TODAY by noon. Please understand that we will try to social distance in classrooms as best as possible, but this will not be possible in all classrooms. We know that in order to stay open, our staff must social distance; whereas some students will not be able to social distance.

11/19/2020 UPDATE -Due to the recent state wide and local area Covid events, we will be holding at our current student phase-in-plan. We will be adding a few more at-risk/failing students on Monday. We feel that it is not feasible to add the full amount of students scheduled on November 23 as planned. We will also not bring back all students scheduled to return on December 7th. We will maintain the current A/B 50% model, with the possibility of reducing student numbers and/or going full remote if needed. We will be monitoring our local Covid numbers and evaluate if we need to change plans at any time. Please remain flexible as we try to balance student needs and local Covid events. More information will be available online soon or feel free to contact your building principal. We hope to return to our original plans very soon.

11/09/2020 - UPDATE - Hello. We will be having meal pick up tomorrow, Tuesday 10th in observance of Veterans Day on Wednesday. We will have one pick up for all students at Lebanon High School from 8:00-Noon and a pick up at Summerfield from 4:30-5:00pm at Fireman’s Hall tomorrow. The Summerfield time change is due to bus availability. All students are eligible for FREE meals. Free, Reduced and Regular pay students are all now eligible for FREE weekly meals. We hope you will come out tomorrow and take advantage of the FREE meal pick up. Thank you!

11/08/2020 UPDATE  Hello. This is just a reminder of our next stages of student return to school. More details have been posted on our district web pages. We are planning on keeping our daily time schedule the same, but adding additional student attendance days. The next phase will begin tomorrow, Nov. 9th, with the return of Special Needs Students grades PreK-12, at risk students 6th-12th grade, Title and Tier 3 students. On Nov. 23rd we will bring Tier 2, RAP/MAP and failing students. On Dec. 7th all students will return for 4 days of instruction. Students will attend Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with Remote Learning on Wednesday still. As you know these plans may change, but we wanted to be transparent in what our current plans are at this time. We will continue to work hard to keep all staff and students safe.

11/06/2020  Just a reminder that LCUSD 9 is offering to prepare free meals for ALL district students starting next week. If you are interested in receiving meals from our Free Lunch Program, please fill out the sign-up form for each of the students you will be picking up meals for. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScpveevCr... Our handout next week will take place on Tuesday, November 10th from 8:00-12:00. All meals for November 10th will be distributed from the LHS building. Wednesday handouts will resume the following week, on November 18th, from 7:30-11:00. The following week, their will be a meal handout on Tuesday, November 24th from 8:00-12:00 due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will then resume our Wednesday meal pickups starting Dec 2nd.


10/19/2020  UPDATE - Just a reminder as we move into 2nd quarter: All LHS/LJHS students are expected to be logging into their accounts and moving through their classroom schedules daily. Teachers will be taking period attendance for all classes, and daily assignments can be assigned to students with a due date of the following day. If an LHS/LJHS student is going to miss a day of school, or any part of the school day, a parent/guardian will need to notify the office to avoid an unexcused absence. Students who miss work due to absence will be expected to make up any assigned work.

09/24/2020  LES Return to Learn Update


09/21/2020  Information Now Student Portal Login to see your student's grades, attendance, etc.  Please contact your student's office to get a User Name and Password if needed.  

09/16/2020   LES Blended Learning Q &A

09/16/2020   LHS/LJHS Blended Learning Q & A

09/16/2020  LCUSD #9 will be using the in-person or remote selections you chose before the August 7 county lock down as your student's selection for instruction. With the adjustment of A/B days and 50% capacity Blended Learning Plan, we know families may want to change. If you are happy with your selection prior to the lock down, nothing further is needed. If you would like to change your selection, please contact your building principal prior to this Friday, September 18, 2020. After September 18th, students will not be able to move from remote to in-person until second quarter. Thank you. LES - Jasen Foster, jfoster@lcusd9.org -618-537-4553, LHS/LJHS -Jeff Teasley, jteasley@lcusd9.org -618-537-4423.

09/14/2020   BLENDED LEARNING PLAN 2020-21

08/31/2020  Technology Resources for HS Students HS Technology Resources

08/26/2020   Tip for Connecting to the Internet on Chromebooks -  Network settings were changed yesterday, and now students should be able to click the "automatically connect to this network" toggle. Students just have to click on the bottom-right where it shows the time, go to where it shows the network you are connected to, and click the down arrow. Click on the network you are connected to. On the settings page, students should see "automatically connect to this network". Click that toggle button, and now students shouldn't be disconnected anymore.  Diagram of how to connect to network

08/25/2020   Tips for Google Meets for Parents   Google Meets for Parents

08/20/2020   LES Parents - Guide to Seesaw  Parents Guide to Seesaw

08/20/2020   Parents Guide to Google Classroom  You Tube Video for Google Classroom

08/19/2020   How To Guide For Chromebook


08/17/2020  Check out these two Open House links:



Mr. Foster, principal of Lebanon Elementary School, will be presenting a Virtual Open House TODAY, Monday, August 17, 2020, at 5:00 PM. Plan to join in so that you can learn about him, the teachers, and some of the awesome, new ideas for this upcoming school year! The link to his Virtual Open House is shared below. Immediately following the Virtual Open House, the staff will be lined around the rear parking lot of LES ready to greet and wave to families as they drive through from 5:30-6:30pm! LES Virtual Open House When: Mon Aug 17, 2020 5:00pm – 5:30pm Central Time - 

08/17/2020  INFO ON MEALS DURING REMOTE LEARNING   Please click the link after you have read the meal information to sign up for bfast/lunch  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dN-d9tPLHwEN8Gy5phzC8gOyHRaov0uGxBAqgRlw9hg/edit

08/14/2020 Hello Greyhounds! Lebanon High School and Lebanon Junior High School will have a Virtual Open House starting at 5:30 PM this Monday night, August 17, 2020 on the district website-www.lcusd9.org.  LHS/LJHS teachers will each have links to their classroom websites for parents and students to view. Our teacher websites will contain great information for preparing our Greyhounds for the upcoming school year.

08/14/2020  Mr. Foster, new principal of Lebanon Elementary School, will be presenting a Virtual Open House on Monday, August 17, 2020, at 5:00 PM. Plan to join in so that you can learn about him, the teachers, and some of the awesome, new ideas for this upcoming school year! The link to his Virtual Open House is shared below.  Immediately following the Virtual Open House, the staff will be lined around the rear parking lot of LES ready to greet and wave to families as they drive through from 5:30-6:30!

LES Virtual Open House: Mon Aug 17, 2020 5:00pm – 5:30pm Central Time -

Join with Google Meet with Principal Foster: https://meet.google.com/bxu-tqyh-mam                   

 Virtual Open House Parade for LES Virtual Open House Parade Info


08/12/2020  Good morning! Our new student, freshman, and 6th grade orientation events scheduled for tomorrow afternoon(8-13) have been cancelled. We will reschedule these events as soon as we determine when we will be able to bring our students back into the building for in-person learning.

08/12/2020 - Remote learning pickup days are as follows:  All students A-L will pick up on Thursday, August 20, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. - LES students will pick up in the LES Gym and LHS/LJHS will pick up in the LHS/LJHS gym.  All students M-Z will pick up on Friday, August 21, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Please use social distancing and wear a face mask.  Students will be receiving Chromebooks, textbooks, class material and school supplies at this time.  

08/12/2020 2020-21 Free/Reduced Lunch Application - printable version - please fill out and return by email to lhardy@lcusd9.org.  If you have already received Direct Certification letters from the State of Illinois you do not have to fill this out.

08/11/2020  District 9 Remote Learning Plan

08/11/2020  Revised 2020-21 School Year Calendar

Illinois State Board of Education - Return to School Plan 2020-21

ISBE Return to School 2020-21 Guide